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        A Versatile Fuchsia For Many Situations

      'London In Bloom'

           Raised by John Allsop from East London in 2002

        Note:  All comments regarding this plant are only my own personal views based on my experiences of growing it.

Over the past few years I have come to appreciate the exceptional qualities of this plant called 'London In Bloom'.   I have used it quite extensively in many of the shows we have done over recent years.  Why??  well basically, it is always there ready to go and 'do its stuff' so to speak, in our displays.

So lets see what it has going for it.  Firstly, it is a very easy cultivar to grow and train.  If you just want a good sized plant for a patio container, then a couple of 'stops' from a fresh new cutting will give you the plant you require.

London In Bloom is a profuse continuous flowerer of which if dead headed/seeded, and fed regularly will probably perform for you all summer long.  The flower colour is almost self red, and the sepals curl right back onto the tube.  The flowers are suspended away from the branches on long pedicels making them look very attractive.

This plant has many uses around the garden as well as on a show bench (if it is the type of plant you exhibit) or in displays as it can be trained to suit a variety of purposes.

1)  Naturally, it will make a good bush plant for the patio container or the border.  I am sure also if the growth habit is to your liking, it would be good on a show bench in a 6" pot

2)  As you can see from the display picture below, it will make an excellent standard.  The growth habit of the plant is upright, but as the branches lengthen and the flowers start to form, they arch over slightly which softens the look of the plant.

3)  Because of the way the branches arch it can also be used in a hanging pot or basket.  It is not a natural trailer so will not tumble down over a basket but it will spread.  As an example I would say put five young plants from 6cm pots into a 8" hanging pot or basket and make the initial stopping's fairly low  to prevent the basket getting to tall and you will have an eye catching pot or basket that looks stunning.


Another excellent quality of 'London In Bloom' is that is an early flowering variety, which is another good reason I use it for our own displays 

The display shown below was at the South Of England Show 2013, and I am sure we all remember the very low light levels and the cold spring we experienced making it very difficult to get plants into flower.  As you can see, I had very few flowers for the display in June, except for my good old faithful 'London In Bloom' which ultimately saved the day.  What then for me would make this one of the best Fuchsias of all time?  I can here the question ringing in my ears!!  Is it ARDY??  in truth I do not know as I have unfortunately never got round to planting any out to see if they survive the winter.  However, if anyone has planted it out and it has survived the winters I would be very pleased to hear from you.  It would be interesting to know  your area and the situation it is planted.  So please do drop me a line if you have overwintered it in your garden for a couple of years. 






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