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Nursery Closure

Hi Folks

After thirty-five years of growing and trading first as a general nursery and latterly with Fuchsias only, we have decided for various reasons that the time is right to cease trading as a Nursery at the end of the 2018 season.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your past support.

However, as we will still be living on the Nursery and still having the greenhouse at our disposal we are hoping (if we have any stock left after the hot summer) to select the plants from our lists that we enjoy growing the most to try to preserve and enjoy growing them to their full potential once again rather than just viewing them as plants for cuttings. This collection naturally will consist of the Original Fuchsia Species, Species Hybrids and second generation Hybrids that I list as 'Collectors Corner' as well as some Encliandra and Triphylla types.

As we are all very well aware, with the closure of many nurseries that have stocked the more unusual Fuchsia varieties the risk of losing these plants forever is very high indeed. I read only the other day that Derek Luther from the BFS has come up with an idea that if any individual members who grow these types could perhaps send him a list of the ones they have.  This sounds a very good idea to me which could help preserve and keep them in cultivation if we could do a bit of exchanging between ourselves.  As I get our plants sorted I will also send my list to him. I have lost many over the years that I would like to try and get back myself if someone still has them so it will be interesting to see what we can all make of it.

The website will remain for the time being for reference and interest but will be modified appropriately shortly.

In Conclusion, A short story of Naivety

Our interest in the Fuchsia Species and unusual hybrids led to us exhibiting these plants at the RHS Westminster shows which created a lot of interest with the RHS and the general public alike and we were awarded silver and silver gilt Lindley medals which was very pleasing. This in turn led to a similar display being staged at the Chelsea Flower Show which was also successful and of which we were awarded a silver Lindley Medal.  We applied to put on another Lindley display the following year at Chelsea but did not get in.

Relaxing in the armchair with the pressure off we were horrified to say the least when we received a letter  from the RHS in MARCH inviting us to put on a display in the Floral Marquee. Panic set in as we had only about two months to come up with something suitable for a Chelsea Exhibit.

Our exhibit was an island site 3m x 3m which we divided diagonally with an archway in the centre with a 'wall' each side of the arch creating two separate gardens with a pathway through the arch. One side was a formal area with slabs and stone with the Fuchsias planted in pots and containers. The other side was grassed and had the Fuchsias growing in beds. The dividing 'wall' was made from two sheets of polycarbonate covered with a grey polyweave material and to make it look like a wall a felt tipped black marker was used to draw the shape of bricks onto the grey material!! 

To this day I am not quite sure why we were not asked to pack up our display and go, when you see all around you people making walls etc. with real bricks and cement mixers. I thought we would at least get the dreaded 'letter'.  However, the display certainly broke the mould in the way that Fuchsias were traditionally displayed at the RHS and probably caused much muttering and controversy with the judges. I am not quite sure if they did not know what to do with it but possibly more than one judge must have liked the format as we were awarded a silver medal although I did hear  that they did not like my wall too much.

This same type of format of showing the plants in a garden setting then set a precedence for all of the shows we attended. 

If you have not seen the pictures of some of displays at the shows you can click here to take a peek.

Best wishes to all

Ken & Janet